We at knee, hip, shoulder clinic strive to offer affordable and excellent treatment with warm and affectionate care to all the international patient. Knee Hip Shoulder Clinic doctors are renowned all over the world for their dedicated service, expertise and skills. The treatment cost of regular surgeries like total knee and hip replacement and arthroscopic surgery, shoulder and knee are almost 1/10th of that in foreign countries.

There are no hidden charges or any intermediaries. Low treatment costs along with availability of world class treatment centres and highly skilled doctors attract many western patients to our clinic. We do a thorough study of each patient by analyzing the x-rays, Photos, Scan reports, Medical notes and also by discussing with the patients about their problems and their expectations. Then we prepare and send a treatment plan and costing. Dr Mohit Madan, Senior Consultant Orthopedics ensures patients with most advanced treatment.

  1. Interpretation and translation services
  2. Hotel recommendations
  3. In house surgical and medical care at various major hospitals
  4. Estimated costs classified into a range of categories that can suit every budget and every need
  5. Providing other medical support services